Groundworks and Timber Framing

Ace Kind undertake all groundworks and timber framing projects.  This means to prepare and level the construction site (including demolition if necessary), dig and pour suitable foundations and complete brickwork up to ground floor level.

The floor systems, walls and roof are then completed (collectively known as the shell of the house).

For an energy efficient new home, we commonly utilise a system called Timber Frame.  The main structure of the house is pre-built off site by our specialist partner and then erected on site in a matter of days.  This system enables the main structure of the house and roof to be completed accurately and quickly, meaning that we can get the external envelope waterproof and secure without delay. 

The external finish, be it traditional brickwork, rendered blockwork or timber cladding is then completed whilst internal fitting out continues protected from the elements.  Utilising Timber Frame means that exceptional levels of insulation can be incorporated as well as lower embodied CO² in the structure.

Site preparation & Foundations

Ultra-high Efficiency Foundation System (Energy-Efficiency)

Timber Framing

Roof construction